Welcome to Mr Pappardelle – Your Go-To Italian Restaurant in Frankston & the South

Have you heard about Mr Pappardelle in Karingal Hub, Frankston? It’s this cosy spot where you can dive into some seriously good Italian grub. We’re pretty new on the block, but don’t let that fool you – our pizzas, plates of pasta, and deli sandwiches are already the talk of the town! It’s like a little slice of Italy right here in Karingal Hub Shopping Centre in Frankston.

Whether you’re a die-hard Italian food fan or just craving something delicious, we’ve got you covered. Swing by and see for yourself why we’re fast becoming one of Frankston’s favourite Italian restaurants.

Starters to Kickstart Your Feast

Begin your dining adventure at Mr Pappardelle with our delightful starters. From crispy calamari to a selection of artisanal cheeses, our starters are perfect for setting the tone for an authentic Italian meal. As a standout among restaurants in Frankston and areas in the South, we take pride in offering a variety of appetisers that are both enticing and satisfying.

Fresh and Exciting Flavours

Our starters are all about fresh, vibrant flavours. With a mix of local and imported ingredients, each dish is a celebration of taste. It’s this focus on quality and flavour that makes us a favourite among restaurants in the area.

Perfect for Sharing

Our starters are designed for sharing, making them perfect for group dining. Gather your friends or family and start your meal with a variety of our delicious appetisers. This shared dining experience is part of what makes us a popular choice among restaurants in Frankston & the South.

A Taste for Every Palate

With a range of options from light and zesty to rich and indulgent, our starters cater to every palate. Whether you’re a seafood lover or a cheese aficionado, you’ll find something to love. Our diverse starters menu highlights our status as a top Italian restaurant.

Pizza That'll Make You Say "Mamma Mia!"

Alright, let’s talk pizza. We’re all about that perfect blend of yummy toppings, melt-in-your-mouth cheese, and a crust that’s just right. Our chefs are wizards in the kitchen, whipping up the best pizzas in Frankston that aren’t just food – they’re edible art!

Top-Notch Ingredients

We’re picky about our pizza toppings. Only the best, freshest stuff goes on our pies. Think plump tomatoes, dreamy mozzarella, and a bunch of other tasty bits. It’s this obsession with quality that’s put us on the map as one of the go-to Italian spots.

A Pizza for Every Palate

No matter what kind of pizza you’re into, we’ve got it. From the classics to some pretty wild and wonderful creations, there’s something for everyone. This is why pizza lovers reckon we’re one of the top restaurants in Frankston & the South.

Crust We Trust

Our secret weapon? The crust. It’s all about getting that perfect crunch on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. This crust game of ours is a big reason why folks think our pizza is the bee’s knees.

Pasta Like Nonna Used to Make

Our pasta is the real deal – handmade with love and a pinch of Italian magic. We’re serving up all the classics, cooked just right. It’s this passion for pasta that’s got us buzzing in Frankston’s foodie circles.

Old-School Cool

We’re old school when it comes to pasta. Handmade, with techniques passed down through generations. This commitment to the Italian way is why pasta lovers think we’re one of the best Italian restaurants in Frankston.

Fresh and Full of Flavour

Fresh ingredients make all the difference. That’s our mantra for pasta. Quality, fresh stuff in every dish. It’s this dedication to fresh, flavour-packed food that makes us a standout in the Italian dining scene.

Pasta for Everyone

There’s a pasta dish for every taste here. Whether you’re into meaty, hearty sauces or lighter, veggie-friendly options, we’ve got you covered. This range, combined with true Italian flavours, is why we’re buzzing as one of Frankston’s and areas in the  South as top spots for pasta.

Deli Sandwiches – Italian Style, Frankston Flair

Our deli sandwiches? They’re something else! It’s like taking a classic Italian recipe and adding a twist of Frankston fun. Perfect for a quick bite or a lazy lunch, our sandwiches are a hit for taste buds on the go.

Fresh Off the Press

Every sandwich is fresh out of the kitchen, packed with quality meats, crisp veggies, and soft, fresh bread. It’s this freshness that’s earning us a rep as a must-visit among Frankston’s Italian eateries.

Flavour Mashups

We’re all about mixing it up. Our sandwiches bring together classic Italian tastes with some creative twists. This flair for flavour fusion is why foodies around Frankston can’t stop talking about us.

Grab and Go

Busy day? Our sandwiches are perfect when you’re on the move. Tasty, convenient, and oh-so-Italian, they’re the ideal pick for a quick, delicious meal. That’s why we’re fast becoming the talk of the town among Italian restaurants in Frankston.

Decadent Desserts to End on a High Note

No meal at Mr Pappardelle is complete without indulging in our heavenly desserts. From the classic tiramisu to innovative creations like Nutella calzone, our desserts are the perfect end to your Italian dining experience. As one of the charming restaurants in Frankston, we ensure each dessert is as visually appealing as it is delicious.

Classic Italian Sweetness

Our desserts embrace classic Italian flavours. Each sweet creation is made with care, promising a delightful end to your meal. This commitment to traditional Italian desserts sets us apart from other restaurants in Frankston and the southern area.

A Sweet Surprise

Looking for something different? Try our unique dessert offerings. They blend traditional Italian elements with creative twists, offering a sweet surprise to your palate. This innovative approach to desserts is part of what makes us unique.

Perfect Pairings

Pair your dessert with one of our exquisite coffees or dessert wines for the ultimate dining experience. These pairings are thoughtfully selected to enhance the flavours of your dessert, elevating your meal to the next level. Our expert pairings are a testament to our standing or serving the best food in Frankston

Have you been drooling over what you’ve read about Mr Pappardelle? Well, that’s just a teaser! There’s so much more to discover, and we’re eager for you to dive into our full range of Italian delights. Why not take a moment to explore our menu? You’ll find a treasure trove of Italian classics and innovative dishes, each lovingly prepared and waiting to tantalise your taste buds. And if you’re as excited as we are, why wait? Jump over to book your table now

We’re all about creating memorable dining experiences, serving up the talk of the town food, and sharing the warmth of our Italian hospitality. Whether it’s a family dinner, a catch-up with friends, or a special date night, we’re here to make it unforgettable. Can’t wait to welcome you to Mr Pappardelle – where every meal is a celebration, every guest is family, and every visit is a treat. See you soon!