Best Italian Restaurant Near Langwarrin

If you’re on the hunt for the best Italian food and restaurant in Langwarrin, you’ve stumbled upon the right spot. Imagine a place where the aroma of fresh basil and wood-fired pizzas fills the air, where every dish tells the story of traditional Italian cooking methods blended with a touch of modern flair. This isn’t just any Italian restaurant—it’s a journey to Italy without leaving Australia.

Nestled Karingal Hub in Frankston, Mr Pappardelle stands out as the premier destination for Italian food enthusiasts. Whether you’re craving an authentic pasta dish, a gourmet pizza, or a sip of exquisite Italian wine, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we explore why Mr Pappardelle is the go-to Italian restaurant for food lovers in Langwarrin.

Best Italian Restaurant in Langwarrin & Frankston

When it comes to finding the finest Italian food in Langwarrin, Mr Pappardell is your destination. Renowned for its commitment to quality and authenticity, this restaurant offers an Italian dining experience that’s hard to beat. With a menu that showcases the best of Italian cuisine, every dish is a testament to the chefs’ passion for their craft.

Ambience and Service

From the moment you step inside, the warm and inviting ambience, coupled with impeccable service, makes you feel right at home. It’s the perfect setting for a romantic dinner, a family gathering, or a casual meal with friends.

Authentic Italian Flavours

The focus on traditional Italian recipes, prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, ensures that every bite is bursting with flavour. It’s like a culinary trip to Italy, minus the airfare.

A Menu That Caters to All

Whether you’re a pizza aficionado, a pasta lover, or in the mood for a succulent meat dish, the menu at Mr Pappardelle has something to delight every palate. And with each dish crafted to perfection, it’s clear why this spot is among the top restaurants for Langwarrin.

Wood Fired Pizza

For the ultimate wood-fired pizza restaurant near Langwarrin, Mr Pappardelle’s location is unbeatable. Our pizzas are a symphony of crispy crusts, melty cheese, and vibrant toppings, all kissed by the flames of a traditional wood-fired oven.

Crafting the perfect pizza is an art that we mastered to perfection. The combination of high-quality dough, fresh ingredients, and the wood-fired oven’s intense heat results in pizza that’s simply divine.

Check Out Our Restaurant's Epic Takeaway Combos for Langwarrin

Mr Pappardelle knows that sometimes, the best dining experience is in the comfort of your own home. Our takeaway combos are designed to bring the joy of Italian cuisine to your couch, making us the top choice for Italian food takeaway in Langwarrin.

2x Pizza with 1 Garlic Polvoron

Opt for this combo and you’ll get to choose from their range of exquisite pizzas, accompanied by a garlic Polvoron that adds just the right touch of garlicky goodness to your meal.

Picnic Pack

Imagine a salumi board designed for four, complete with a bottle of house wine. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the culinary delights under the open sky or in the comfort of your living room.

Add Alcohol to Any Takeaway Order

Elevate your takeaway experience with the option to add alcohol to your order. Choose from our selection of wines, beers, and spirits to complement your meal perfectly.

From Cocktails to Delicious House Wines, Our Restaurat Serves Langwarrin Food Loves

No Italian meal is truly complete without the perfect beverage to complement it. Our selection of drinks is thoughtfully curated to match the rich and diverse flavours of Italian cuisine. Whether you’re indulging in a hearty pasta dish or enjoying a slice of our renowned pizza, there’s a drink to elevate your meal making us the favourite food place and restaurant near Langwarrin. 

Selection of Cocktails

From a smooth amaretto to a robust espresso martini, their cocktail menu is designed to cater to every taste. Each cocktail is crafted with care, ensuring a perfect blend of flavours.

Mr Pappardelle’s Shiraz

For wine enthusiasts, Mr Pappardelle’s Shiraz is a must-try. This house wine is selected for its ability to complement the Italian flavours, making it a perfect match for any dish on the menu.


Prefer something non-alcoholic? Our mocktails, featuring blends of strawberry, mango, and lychees, offer a refreshing alternative that doesn’t skimp on flavour.

Our Restaurant Serves Lunch Specials for Italian Food Lovers in Langwarrin

Visit Mr Pappardelle at midday and let our team treat you to a selection of lunch specials that combine the best of Italian cuisine with a touch of sophistication. Whether it’s a panini, pizza, or a glass of prosecco, lunch at Mr Pappardelle is an affair to remember.

Mr P’s Salumi Board to Start

Begin your lunch with a salumi board that showcases a variety of cured meats, cheeses, and accompaniments. It’s the perfect introduction to the meal ahead.

Lamb Ragu Pappardelle Bake

The lamb ragu pappardelle bake is a hearty dish that combines tender lamb with rich tomato sauce and pasta, topped with pecorino and parmesan. It’s comfort food at its finest.

Your Choice of Main and House Drink

Choose your main from a selection of dishes that epitomise Italian cuisine, accompanied by a house drink. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a midday break.

Book Your Table at Mr P! Langwarrin's Best Italian Food & Restaurant

Mr Pappardelle, located conveniently in Karingal Hub in Frankston is a destination for those seeking authentic Italian food restaurants near Langwarrin. With a focus on quality, tradition, and innovation, it stands out as the go-to spot for Italian delights. Whether you’re planning a romantic evening, a family meal, or a catch-up with friends, booking your table with us promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Don’t just take our word for it; come and discover the magic of Italian cuisine at its best.